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What People Say

It's amazing that after so many years of diving your Science Instructor Development Course was able to completely change the way I look at coral reefs. Taking the 'Coral Reef Architecture & Organims' course was like switching on a light. I now even look at organisms like turf algae in a completely new way.

Errol, Divemaster, 38 years, Holetown, Barbados

3D Coral Reef Maps PDF Print E-mail

Selected reefs at your fingertips!

Many vacation resorts and dive centers offer dive briefings based on simple hand-drawn maps that provide no more than a rough overview of the site you want to explore. This leaves divers and snorkelers without orientation on the reef, makes it hard to plan the dive and can provoke discomfort, especially with new divers.

Beautiful Oceans provides detailed and attractive 3D coral reef maps that go far beyond anything you have ever seen before (click on maps to zoom in):

Our maps not only incorporate a beautiful 3D representation of the coral reef you are about to explore, but they also include information about the creatures that you will likely encounter during your dive and where to look for them on the reef.

A collection of Creature Discovery Kits allows you to learn more about the creatures that are featured on the 3D coral reef map. 3D Coral Reef Exploration Kits consist of a letter-sized full-color printed insert with a three-hole punch to fit into the collector's binder and a wallet-sized plastic reference card for in-water use.


3D coral reef map: Our GPS-derived coral reef maps show the reef from a specific angle to make it easy for divers and snorkelers to absorb the entire site in one quick glance. A suggested dive route has been incorporated into the map and makes it easy to find your way on the reef. Recommended points of special interest can be visited all along the dive route to make sure you don’t miss the most interesting features and creatures on the reef. This is particularly practical if you are visiting a specific dive site only once during your stay, which is the case for most of us.


Site description: Each coral reef map contains a description of the dive site. This description allows you to learn more about the type of reef and the features you are about to explore, which in turn allows you to plan your dive accordingly. Fringing reefs, patch reefs, wall dives, channels and swim-throughs are just a few examples of the numerous features described on the map while a short overview of the creatures waiting to be discovered will help you prepare in advance for what you are going to see.



Island Overview: Each coral reef map contains an island overview map with the location of the dive center and dive sites. This information allows you to better plan where your dive is going to take place and allows you to estimate how much time the dive boat will take to get there.




Birds-eye View: A birds-eye view of the coral reef allows you to estimate the distance from one point of special interest to the next while color codes allow you to better assess the shape of the coral reef and its orientation on the compass.




Points Of Special Interest: Most of us only visit a dive site once during a dive or snorkel vacation. Points of special interest are distributed all along the recommended dive route to make sure you don’t miss out on the most important coral reef features and creatures.




Creatures list and pictures: Each coral reef map contains a list of species that are typical for the dive or snorkel site and a picture of the creature so that it can be easily recognized underwater. Species ID codes are provided and link back to the collection of Creature Discovery Kits containing numerous behaviors that can be observed and make each dive or snorkel a truly special one.

For Destinations offering Coral Reef Adventures based on our 3D Coral Reef Exploration Maps, visit the Destinations section of this website.