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What People Say

Beautiful Oceans also gives much information to interest experienced reef watchers. I certainly learned things from it, and I've been diving for over 20 years, have a biology degree and regularly consult a veritable library of sea-life. It is also refreshing to see a project with such a commitment to preserving the marine environment that they donate 10% of their profits to marine conservation.

Jill Studholme, Editor, SCUBA News

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What is a Beautiful Oceans Destination?

Beautiful Oceans Destinations are featured vacation resorts and dive centers which offer our Coral Reef Adventure Programs in an environment that allows you to experience coral reefs in a revolutionary new way.

Beautiful Oceans trained Science Instructors are available to provide in-class coral reef presentations and state-of-the-art dive and snorkel briefings.  These contain precise information about the creatures you are likely to encounter and the range of fascinating feeding, reproductive, defense and attack behaviors that you will observe up-close in the water

3D coral reef maps help you find your way on the reef and contain: a detailed description of the dive site, recommended dive routes, a list of creatures to be observed on the reef and points of special interests to be explored.

The entire range of Beautiful Oceans coral reef collector’s materials is made available to you locally, allowing you to add materials as you go!

This includes:

  • Creature Discovery Kits
  • 3D Coral Reef Maps
  • Coral reef manuals
  • Island Overview Kits - which features all dive sites
  • Collector’s Binder and in-water handbooks - for organizing and stowing away your coral reef discovery kits

For Beautiful Oceans Destinations, please make your choice form the right-hand side menu.