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What People Say

The course material is very high quality. The photos are beautiful. The graphics are also great. I am impressed.

Business executive, scuba diver, 33 years - Toronto, Canada

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Beautiful Oceans Coral Reef Creature Discovery Kits and 3D coral reef maps are a must for any underwater photographer or videographer.

“Creature discovery Kits and 3D coral reef maps are hugely useful to a photographer because it means that I am not swimming around from point to point to point trying to find something – I’ve got a pretty good idea where that particular animal is going to be and I have of course a better idea of what its behavior is going to be like – again, this is extremely useful!” Jeff Toorish - Journalist and Underwater Photographer, Advanced Diver Magazine

Each Creature Discovery Kit contains information about:

  • How to identify a species
  • Where it can be found on the coral reef
  • What its preferred habitat is
  • What its activity is likely to be at a given time of day
  • What depth range it can be found at
  • How to approach the species for close-up observation

This information is priceless to underwater photographers as it allows for decisions about dive plan and photo/video equipment to be made prior to your in-water experience, something that is impossible when heading out blind into a dive or snorkel.

“For us as photographers, Beautiful Oceans 3D coral reef maps and dive briefings are very important – I want to know where I am going and what I am going to see because then we can plan our dive accordingly and take those pictures. If I don’t know what I am jumping into it makes it difficult.” Kim Sheckler
 - Executive Editor, 
California Diving News

For more details and photographs of our Creature Discovery Kits, click here.

Perhaps the most valuable information contained in our Creature Discovery Kits is the detailed behavioral descriptions provided for each species. Numerous feeding,  reproductive, defense and attack behaviors are explained in great detail so that you know exactly what to look for.

Most of the information in our collection of Creature Discovery Kits is just being made available to scuba divers and snorkelers.  This opens the door to new underwater photography and videography opportunities to document creature behaviors that have never been captured on film before!

Each kit also includes submersible dive slates containing an abbreviated version of each behavior.  This will allow you to quickly check if you are on the right track in regards to your behavior observation and interpretation skills. Furthermore, this difficulty in capturing the said behavior on film is represented by colour codes associated with whether it will be ‘easy’, ‘not so easy’ or ‘tough’ to observe and capture on film.

Each behavior is assigned a unique “Behavior Code” that you can tag associated videos and images with when posting to the internet.  This will allow you to share your findings with other coral reef enthusiasts around the world as well as find other tagged media.

The Beautiful Oceans Collectors series of Creature Discovery Kits contains 30 species of fish, sponges, mollusks and crustaceans as well as over 330 behaviors that can be observed on the coral reef – that promises a lot of underwater photography and video fun!